The Milty Project

Making Blankets for Hope

The Milty Project

We are a pair of women dedicated to fund raising for animals in need.  We've created useful,  beautiful and special animal blankets with a percentage of the proceeds donated to our cause. Our products are dog, cat and horse tested for quality control.    

 We've worked as fosters and adopted foster animals 

Creating Blankets for Hope

We'd like to introduce your to our canine, feline and equine partners  to better explain our fundraising efforts. 


Carson the Square Headed Dog was rescued by SafeHands Animal Rescue.  He was found in Kentucky with two of his siblings on the roadside.  All pups had severe head trauma,  dehydration,  broken bones and were emaciated.  To add insult to injury,  some creature tried to eat them, and  all pups had multiple bite wounds. 


Cason was brought to Minnesota August 1,  2008 and nursed back to health  by the founder of Safehands Animal Rescue.  Suzanne fostered and fell in love with him shortly thereafter.  Carson is one of our dedicated testers and plans to approve all fabric before shipment. 



rainbow diamond and ddrtx rescue

Rainbow Is a Miracle!

This is Rainbow. This beautiful dachshund was seized from a breeder, where she spent her life in a filthy bathtub. According to her vet, her spinal column was injured by blunt force trauma several years ago, so she has spent most of her life in pain. Since she is so gorgeous, her former owners bred her constantly, even though being pregnant was incredibly painful and caused further strain on her back.

Isn't Rainbow beautiful?

Diamond Dachshund Rescue of Texas now takes care of Rainbow. DDRTX took her to the vet in San Antonio on December 21, 2009. The vet found multiple spinal fractures, some old, some new, but many, many fractures due to a lack of bone density. She had wasted muscle in all four of her limbs, severe calcium deficiency, due to chronic lack of proper nutrition and her unfortunate life. Being continuously bred, her puppies had literally sucked the calcium out of her system, and her body had to give up calcium from her bones to support her litters. Additionally, since she lived in a bathtub inside a house, she lacked Vitamin D from sunlight.

DDRTX put out a call for help with Rainbow. Her care required a lot of money. DDRTX needed $1800 just to have a vet diagnose her. People from San Antonio and across the country answered the call. We received over $9,000 in cash for her care. Pet Supplies Plus at Brookhollow donated $500 worth of food to her. Rainbow has received chewy bones, blankets, and toys from caring folks all over the country.

Now Rainbow is living with DDRTX. For the first time in her life, she is free from pain. Rainbow has a super personality and is incredibly sweet. She lives with foster parents who specialize in dogs with therapeutic needs. In her foster family, she is thriving. She is still healing and will soon be visiting the vet for a check up to see how her back is healing.

To learn more about our rescue please visit at


Safehands animal rescue

Safe Hands Animal Rescue is dedicated to saving lives and finding forever homes for stray, abandoned and surrendered dogs in high kill shelters. Of great importance to us is to reduce the stray population and need for healthy animal euthanasia through spay/neuter programs, education, and promotion of respect for the furry creatures that share our lives.

We are a small, no-kill, volunteer run organization. All of our dogs listed are in foster homes waiting to be adopted and because of this, we get to know the dogs' personalities very well and use this information to match them to an appropriate home. We do not have a physical shelter.

Myron wood and RSPCA

Myron Wood - a blind, epileptic and enviromentaly allergic dog....(the mum and dad bit) who is a community service dog and enjoys fundraising for the The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA).

MYRONS STORY   A kind family took in a dumped, starving, pregnant dog and allowed her to give birth to her puppies at their home. Little Myron was one of the eight surviving puppies who desperately needed a home at only four weeks old due to family circumstances.

We brought Myron home and he slept in a baby’s cot by night and was in a play pen by day. I fed him every two and half hours around the clock for two weeks and presented my beautiful chubby baby at six weeks old for his vaccination. To my horror the vet informed me that Myron was blind  and recommended ‘puppy-preschool’. I was distraught and relieved at the same time, not knowing what the right thing for Myron would be. Sadly it turned out that at least three of the other puppies were also blind, due to their mother’s malnutrition, and were put to sleep.

Myron proved to be a very happy and clever puppy. At only eight weeks old he could ‘sit’ on command and he was a star at puppy-school, his specialty trick being ‘shake hands’. Eventually one of Myron’s eyes began to swell and become painful. Our vet referred us to Strathfield Animal Referral Hospital where the advice was to remove the eye.
Upon its removal Myron returned to his happy self and participated in another season of puppy-preschool, but then the other eye started to swell and the whole process was repeated. It was such a shame to lose his second eye because we called it his on/off switch. We always knew when he was awake, but now if he is sitting quietly, ‘watching’ the telly, you can never be really sure. 

Tiny Timmy

Tiny Timmy loves being called a "Milty Pet" 
Tiny Timmy is a cat with neurological damage from exposure to toxic Over the counter  flea and tick products. He is now a Spokeskitty, working hard on educating people about the dangers of these products and sharing his story.
TINY TIMMY"S STORY  As a flea bitten kitten, Tiny Timmy treated with  over the counter flea medications... more to come. 

Carolina Border collie Rescue

Border Collies are well known as “those really smart dogs,” always eager to please their masters.  What is less well known is that their high energy and intelligence comes with a price. 

Originally used to work sheep for farmers, only those dogs with great stamina, speed, concentration, and independence were selected for breeding.  Because of their genetic background, Border Collies require a great deal of physical and mental exercise.  When these needs are not met, they can become frustrated, “creatively destructive,” and therefore, in need of a new home.

Carolina Border Collie Rescue, (CBCR), is a small group of individuals who respect and understand the unique personality of the herding dog.  CBCR’s goal is to rescue and rehome neglected, abandoned, stray and otherwise endangered Border Collies in the Carolinas and surrounding areas. 

For more information about our rescue and adoption policies  please visit our site


Tilly's Transformation.

From Tilly's Adoptive Family:   When our home found itself “dogless,” my 5 year old son, my 17 year old daughter, and I pondered getting another dog. I decided to look into a rescue dog. I spent months on rescue sites, and finally decided to submit an application, and go through the process of adoption with Carolina Border Collie Rescue, (CBCR). One of their volunteers came to visit with a dog, and we discussed what sort of dog my family was hoping to find.

Not too long afterwards the volunteer called to say that they had a newly rescued, 6 month old female pup.  She asked if wanted to meet her.  My kids and I went out to her home, with its wonderful stretch of land, and a pond, and met Charlie.   Charlie was initially, understandably, very shy, but once when was outside she was all action, running around the pond and herding the dragonflies.   As you can see,  my daughter fell in love with her shimmering presence and she has blossomed in her new home.